Thursday, September 3, 2009

Paul Baribeau - 2009 Demo

Thats one sexy tree. Paul Baribeau, an intrigual part of the folk-punk scene, plays some of the most honest music youll hear. He sings about his family and friends, about relationships and heartbreak, but its not cheesy in the slightest, and thats fucking hard to pull off.

Top Songs:
How Could That Be True?
If I Knew
The Mall


aaaand a super mega special update for Lior!, we have Songs For Moms - The Worse it Gets the Better

I can't say enough good things about Songs For Moms, so I wont.

Top Songs:
My Darling Faye
The Rain Song


  1. is the demo tape he was handing out during his 2009 tour and only had like...200 copies? I've been killing myself hoping to find it since he didn't come to my town. (in reference to Paul Baribeau)