Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little Ghostthings - Little Ghostthings

I believe that the first and only time that I saw Little Ghostthings was in the woods behind the UC Santa Cruz campus with Ghost Mice...but it was damn good! For all you fans of Abandon Ship! this is what some of em were up to before there was a ship that needed abandoning.

Top Songs:
The Girl With the Photo Emulsion Hair
What I Want




SUPRISE! Double post today!!!

Heres some rare stuff from ROSA, a now defunct plan-it-x folk-punk band from Texas (there are some good things in the southwest afterall!) This is theyre 7 inch and a couple live tracks. Expect songs about friends, bringing down Clear Channel and punk rock.

Now they go by the name Punkin Pie, and make some some mean pop-punk.

Top Songs:
Charlies Song
Umm Like Yer Smile is so Totally Ruling Me Right Now




  1. That show in the forest was one of the most memorable shows of my life!

    This is coming along wonderfully Nick!

  2. thanks d-wrex! that really makes me feel good about this thing!

  3. Members of Rosa made this funny little screamo project called Die, Emperor Die!