Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paul Baribeau - Unbearable

hello! sorry for the lack of updates! ive recently suffered a dibilitation loss of my harddrive, so ive been a little down and out on the music front. but heres a new one from Paul Baribeau. ive also re-uploaded the 2nd st rag stompers album, per your requests!

Paul Baribeau is probably the best thing you can listen to if your recently heartbroken. every song on this album will resonate with you in some way. unlike his past albums which have delt with other topics ranging from straight edge to his love of bruce springsteen, Unbearable seems to be only about heartbreak and sadness. I can only hope that its helped him grow. regardless, its a great album.

buy it! its only $5 to support paul, plan it x, and ace of cups!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Andrew Jackson Jihad / Mischief Brew Split 7"

here we have four songs, 2 each from AJJ and Mischief Brew. Each band takes a song and does an acoustic and electric version of it, making for an interesting concept. As ive said before, im not a huge fan of electric AJJ, but the song is so good that its hard to judge it; and anyways theres a fucking amazing acoustic version of it also! The Mischief Brew song is essentially identical electric and acoustic, the only difference being some minmal druming and amplification, i like the acoustic version myself.

Both songs are about the DIY community and how wonderful it can be, which is really uplifting and its a nice chnage compared to most songs you hear about it. The AJJ song (If Jeff Swiney Had a Hammer) is about as catchy as ever and full of their standard (but not in a boring way!) dark humours lyrics ("i wanna see olympia in flames, portland reduced to dust, we need to stop fighting stop hating and start writing, we must we must we must!")
The Mischief Brew song (Punx Win!) is about going from town to town and meeting all the other punks, and then realizing that you know the same people, love the same things, and that really the diy scene across the country can be very small but (i think) comforting.

I really couldnt have found this split at a better time in my life, getting ready to move away from the place ive called home for close to four years its really great to hear such positive songs about how big and welcoming our little community of punks, activists and everyone else can be.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

American Steel - American Steel

Released in 1997, this debut full length from bay area punks American Steel was a staple of my latter high school and early college days.

They alledly got their name from Oakland's American Steel building just before theyre first show (which was just across the street). I dont really know what to say about this album, it sounds like leathface a little bit, but better (or so i hear, ive never been a leatherface fan). Personally I see them more as the Crimpshrine of the next generation of East Bay punks.
Remember how in the late 90s every punk band had a ska song? so they have some ska elements, but not in a way that makes you want to cry. This album has been sitting in a pile of things to be uploaded here, hence this post; but i really just cant think of a lot to say about it except that it meant a lot to me at that time in my life.

American Steel released two more albums before disbanding. They recently reformed and are now on fat wreck, but that band is a whole different monster.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Songs For Moms - The Jellyfish Award

ok. so ive been gone for a few months doing other things than blogging music very few people listen to. i moved, twice! now im back in california, for now, with other things on the horizon.
So, to hold things over and show I still care, heres one i got a reuqest for a while ago - the elusive 2006 first demo from Songs For Moms (making their third appearance on this blog)! Ok, ill be done with them for a while now i promise!

this demo will have some familar songs if you know The Worse It Gets The Better, plus a couple you probably havent heard. good times.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shakey Bones - The Soup EP

Shakey Bones were something of a house band at Berkeley's 924 Gilman St for a while. It seemed like they were playing every other week or so, if not actually on the bill then playing outside or in the store.
The Soup EP is theyre third and final release before going they're seperate ways, but its by far some of the best music they put out. The sound ranges from upbeat folk-punk to bluesy-jug band suprisingly naturally. I remember seeing them one time and have someone shout out "you guys arent dad likes you!".
What else can i say about Shakey Bones? I know that theyre first ever show was in a dorm room at Crown college at UC Santa Cruz. I also know that when i was working for the school painting walls one summer i came across a dorm at Crown with the shakey bones Camel (above!) and the Flying Feet logo tagged on the underside of a bed...the same room? quite possibly! its a mystery!
But seriosuly, these guys were great, a lot of fun, punk and folky and sloppy in the best possible ways.

Top Songs:
In The Morning
The Drunkard and the Bottlecap

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2nd St. Rag Stompers - Camping on Low or No Dollars (REUPLOADED!)

This was one of the many bands that i saw busking on pacific ave in Santa Cruz, but unlike most of them, this band was actually good! These guys arent afraid to show their roots, in fact they let theyre roots come up through the cracks in the sidewalk and bring civilization to its deserving knees. They play, as you might expect, rag time mixed with that punk element all the kids seem to be into these days. They do theyre fair share of covers (even a cover of Baby on Board for all you Simpsons fans), but they do them really really well, so dont let that stop you from listening!
Maybe the coolest thing about when I saw them was when, in the middle of a song, one of those Santa Cruz winds came along and blew a five dollar bill out of theyre case, and they just let it keep blowing; didnt stop playing or miss a beat even as they watched it blow away. Maybe its not a big deal but it impressed me.

Top Songs:
Railroad Bill
Trains and Cops
Lay Me Down

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Abi Yoyos - This World Is Not My Home

NEW FORMAT! Long Post! More Personal! Deal With It!

The Abi Yoyos were a part of the bay area punk scene roughly from 2002 through 2007. in other words they were there exactly when i was a teenager, going through the motions at Berkeley High and realizing that the local punk scene hadnt died in 1992 (contrary to what everyone was telling me...).
I probably saw them a half a dozen times and dismissed them before i realized how much i actually liked them. The first time that they really stuck with me was when i saw them play theyre CD release party at 924 Gilman. I was going through a particularly rough couple of days then, I hadnt slept in 48 hours, i was worried about life and graduating and dieing; and i was on a handful of medications i probably shouldnt have been on; but i managed to pull myself together enough to bike down to Gilman and check it out.
I didnt even stay for the show, i left almost as soon as i got there, but not before picking up THIS WORLD IS NOT MY HOME, the Abi Yoyos 4 song EP. I got home and put it on the record player. I played both sides and then put it on again. "huh" i thought, "this isnt that bad".
The Abi Yoyos definitely have roots in classic east bay bands like Crimpshrine, but they make theyre own sound out of it - its more hectic and strained; which really gets the sense of urgency across. Its angry but they actually have something to say (and they have fun doing it). At times it sounds like a circus, but maybe that only makes sense to me. i think you'll enjoy it though, even if you dont think youre about to die.

Now they play in a band called Yankee Kamikaze, but that deserves its own post.

Top Songs:
Bohemian Grove
Fuck the UN