Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ghost Mice - Europe

This is a "concept album" by folk-punk duo Ghost Mice. They traveled to europe, and wrote a song about each place they visitied. This has been my favorite Ghost Mice album recently, sure they have some better songs on oher albums, but I can listen to this one and not get sick of it. Ghost Mice is Chris (co-founder of Plan-It-X Records) playing guitar and Hannah playing violin. The first time I saw them was at 924 Gilman St in Berkeley, the crusty punks were scoffing, calling it "camp-fire-sing-a-long punk" (seriously!) but the hippie-punk in me loved it. thanks for the upbringing, Berkeley!

Top Songs:
English Channel
Celtic Sea

"they got their bread and circus, and i guess so do we, but they get theirs for free i think that we're getting ripped off, we must destroy all empires at any cost"

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