Monday, September 21, 2009

Pasties / Hail Seizures - Punk As Folk

alright lets get back to basics here. if you dont have this album then what can i say? your ears are in for a treat, thats what! The Pasties play some great popy folk-punk that makes you want to dance; The Hail Seizures (R.I.P.) play anarcho folk-punk that makes you angy and happy at the same time. For any fans of the Hail Seizures: the songs on this album are mostly early versions of what shows up on their full length Fucked Up Zoo. The sound is a little softer but dont let that discourage you!

Top Songs:
Second Hand
Fists in the Air

Hail Seizures-
Stranger in the House


  1. do you have their new album "for the ruin"? i have been trying to track it down but can't seem to. if you would be willing to post it if you do have it that would be awesome
    thanks a lot,

  2. hey carly and friends, info on how to order HAIL SEIZURES albums including FOR THE RUIN in here...

    take care!