Sunday, March 7, 2010

Andrew Jackson Jihad / Mischief Brew Split 7"

here we have four songs, 2 each from AJJ and Mischief Brew. Each band takes a song and does an acoustic and electric version of it, making for an interesting concept. As ive said before, im not a huge fan of electric AJJ, but the song is so good that its hard to judge it; and anyways theres a fucking amazing acoustic version of it also! The Mischief Brew song is essentially identical electric and acoustic, the only difference being some minmal druming and amplification, i like the acoustic version myself.

Both songs are about the DIY community and how wonderful it can be, which is really uplifting and its a nice chnage compared to most songs you hear about it. The AJJ song (If Jeff Swiney Had a Hammer) is about as catchy as ever and full of their standard (but not in a boring way!) dark humours lyrics ("i wanna see olympia in flames, portland reduced to dust, we need to stop fighting stop hating and start writing, we must we must we must!")
The Mischief Brew song (Punx Win!) is about going from town to town and meeting all the other punks, and then realizing that you know the same people, love the same things, and that really the diy scene across the country can be very small but (i think) comforting.

I really couldnt have found this split at a better time in my life, getting ready to move away from the place ive called home for close to four years its really great to hear such positive songs about how big and welcoming our little community of punks, activists and everyone else can be.