Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shakey Bones - The Soup EP

Shakey Bones were something of a house band at Berkeley's 924 Gilman St for a while. It seemed like they were playing every other week or so, if not actually on the bill then playing outside or in the store.
The Soup EP is theyre third and final release before going they're seperate ways, but its by far some of the best music they put out. The sound ranges from upbeat folk-punk to bluesy-jug band suprisingly naturally. I remember seeing them one time and have someone shout out "you guys arent dad likes you!".
What else can i say about Shakey Bones? I know that theyre first ever show was in a dorm room at Crown college at UC Santa Cruz. I also know that when i was working for the school painting walls one summer i came across a dorm at Crown with the shakey bones Camel (above!) and the Flying Feet logo tagged on the underside of a bed...the same room? quite possibly! its a mystery!
But seriosuly, these guys were great, a lot of fun, punk and folky and sloppy in the best possible ways.

Top Songs:
In The Morning
The Drunkard and the Bottlecap

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