Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2nd St. Rag Stompers - Camping on Low or No Dollars (REUPLOADED!)

This was one of the many bands that i saw busking on pacific ave in Santa Cruz, but unlike most of them, this band was actually good! These guys arent afraid to show their roots, in fact they let theyre roots come up through the cracks in the sidewalk and bring civilization to its deserving knees. They play, as you might expect, rag time mixed with that punk element all the kids seem to be into these days. They do theyre fair share of covers (even a cover of Baby on Board for all you Simpsons fans), but they do them really really well, so dont let that stop you from listening!
Maybe the coolest thing about when I saw them was when, in the middle of a song, one of those Santa Cruz winds came along and blew a five dollar bill out of theyre case, and they just let it keep blowing; didnt stop playing or miss a beat even as they watched it blow away. Maybe its not a big deal but it impressed me.

Top Songs:
Railroad Bill
Trains and Cops
Lay Me Down



  1. They should have covered Lisa's power plant folk song.

  2. Can you re upload this?

  3. hey! this is my old band! it's awesome this is getting around.. but i wish the link worked. i'll post this up myself sometime when i get around to it...

    myself and two of the members of rag stompers play in a new band called 'broken half' now... i'm in the process of putting all of our music on the internet. but we do have a few tracks on myspace. anyway, thanks for posting this!! nick